BUS110  Business Mathematics
I: Course Description II: Student Learning Outcomes III: Course Objectives IV: Topical Outline
Section I: Course Description Print Outline
Division: Business Programs
Revision: C. Baker
Effective Date: February 2004
Status: Unpublished

Department: Business (BUS)
Curriculum: Business Information Technology
Course Title: Business Mathematics
Course Number: BUS110
Type Of Course: Vocational Preparatory
Course Length: 1 quarter
Credit Hours: 5
Lecture Hours: 55
Lab Hours: 0
Class Size: 35
Prerequisites: Passing scores on ASSET, SLEP, or instructors permission (ASSET: W&R=43, NS = 40; SLEP: Combined =61, NS= 10

Course Description
This course covers the mathematical processes and techniques currently used in the fields 
of business and finance.  It includes a review of basic business math skills with 
particular emphasis on percentages, interest, discounts, arithmetic of payroll, taxes, 
bank statements, reconciliation, trade and cash discounts, establishing retail prices, 
consumer credit, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, business and consumer 

Section II: Student Learning Outcomes back to top
Student Learning Outcomes
1.	Computation - Use basic mathematical operations.
2.	Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - Evaluate information and solve problems.
3.	Human Relations - Recognize the diversity of cultures.
4.	Personal Responsibility - Value one’s own skills.

Section III: Course Objectives back to top
General Course Objectives
At the end of the course the student will:

1.	Apply mathematical skill to business applications.
2.	Apply mathematical skill to banking situations.
3.	Calculate percentages, discounts, taxes and loans
4.	Demonstrate proficiency in use of the calculator

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Topical Course Outline

TOPICAL OUTLINE:	                           APPROX. HOURS

I.	Whole numbers and decimals			3
II.	Fractions					6
III.	Percent						6
IV.	Bank services					4
V.	Payroll						6
VI.	Mathematics of buying				6
VII.	Mathematics of selling				6
VIII.	Simple interest					7
IX.	Compound interest and annuities			6
X.	Selected topics (selected as time allows)	5

						Total	55

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